Abu Dhabi Police calls on bicycle users to adhere to the guidelines

Abu Dhabi Police called on bicycle users to adhere to safety guidelines on the roads of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in order to protect their safety and road users.

She emphasized that it encourages individuals to safely use bicycles for commuting, and reduce the use of traditional means of transportation, in order to enhance efforts to preserve the environment, public health and safety, and reduce carbon emissions.

She urged the necessity to wear a helmet and use protective covers for the arms and knees, to provide the bike with a white headlamp and a red back, to put a backlit reflective plate to alert road users, and not to carry weights that affect the bike user's balance, and to walk on the service road and paths designated for cycling, and driving. Be careful on pedestrian paths to avoid colliding with them, use designated paths in parks, and stay away from crowded areas.

She warned of the dangers of riding bicycles on main roads, and stressed the attention and caution, avoiding negative behaviors while driving, and the need to adhere to these requirements, whether in the field of light transportation or transportation by delivering groceries and other things in small shops within residential neighborhoods.

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