6 Asians came to the country specifically to carry out their crimes

3 years imprisonment for a gang that stole jewelry for 580,000 dirhams

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced a three-year prison sentence, followed by deportation, against a gang of six (Asian) people who came to the state specifically for the purpose of stealing houses, and were able to rob a villa whose owner was outside the country, and steal watches and jewelry valued at about 580,000 dirhams. Recover it before the perpetrators acted in it.

The Public Prosecution investigation stated that six defendants, one of whom was a fugitive, stole at night from the villa of a (Gulf) director, who was outside the country with his family, with special documents and belongings, consisting of 39 bracelets, 53 rings, 85 earrings, 18 necklaces, and various other pieces, all of gold In addition to 55 wristwatches of various brands and brands, the stolen value is estimated at 580 thousand dirhams.

She explained that the defendants had agreed and planned the robbery and prepared the kit for it, and went at night to the victim's villa with a rented car to carry out their crime, and as soon as they got there, they climbed the outer wall and sneaked inside through the dining room window located on the ground floor.

The investigations added that the perpetrators, after entering the villa, went up to the top floor, broke the lock of the bedroom door, and stole an iron safe that they had cooperated in taking out of the villa and transported to a desert area, and seized its valuable contents, and agreed to sell it to the fugitive accused for 350 thousand dirhams, after he promised them to hand over the money To them when they return home.

She indicated that according to a report the police received from the victim who returned to the country the day after the crime, the security services were able to identify the perpetrators in less than 48 hours, and their residence in one of the neighborhoods of the International City in Dubai was raided and arrested.

The defendants admitted that they planned the robbery of villas in Dubai, while they were in their home country, and then came to the state to carry out these operations, and rented a vehicle to facilitate their movements and transport the stolen items.

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