The exhibition in memory of Ilaria


by Carlotta Macerollo

20 March 2014The photographic exhibition dedicated to Ilaria Alpi, the Rai journalist born and raised in Vigna Clara, killed in Somalia in 1994, opens on Thursday 20 March at the Maxxi in Rome. On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of her death, the exhibition tells Ilaria in its most personal dimension.

Ilaria and her passion for the Arab world

How was Ilaria?

How did your passion for the Arab world and Africa come about?

To answer these questions, her friend Paola Gennari Santori narrates a more intimate Ilaria through a series of 15 photographic images, together with the words of personalities from the world of culture, entertainment and journalism close to the Tg3 correspondent, such as Giovanna Botteri, Dario Fo, Marcello Fois, Paolo Fresu, Carlo Lucarelli, Dacia Maraini, Margareth Mazzantini, Valeria Parrella.

The photographic exhibition

A documentary photography work that is linked to a collection of unpublished texts, to compose the itineraries of an experiential journey that combines images and words.

Two different but complementary points of view, to describe and return the complexity of Ilaria's world in its interior dimension, in a journey that goes from her early youth to her tragic death, as underlined by the title of the exhibition, taken from the poem "Vicolo" by Salvatore Quasimodo.

The figure of Ilaria in the round

"The goal of this work - underlines Paola Gennari - was to make the figure of Ilaria Alpi in the round, to let her personality, her experience, as a woman, as a journalist, her passion for the East, for travel, for international politics, her commitment to the defense of women's rights, as well as the drama of her disappearance. I purposely wanted to use a light stroke, arouse emotion with the details of his life and his travels, following in his footsteps with fragments of memories that will settle over time ".

The exhibition curated by Ludovico Pratesi and born as part of the programming of the activities of the Ilaria Alpi Association promoted on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the journalist's death, is held under the patronage of the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rome.