In the clip above you can see what the plans look like for Gothenburg and you can also see what it would look like if Gustav Adolf's square were flooded. 

Many areas in Gothenburg are already exposed to recurring floods: Gullbergsvass, Lindholmen, Klippan and Frihamnen.

They are a priority in the city's work to build flood protection.

At Packhuskajen behind the casino, protection has already begun to be built, in the form of concrete barriers.

They must be able to withstand a sea level rise of 2.3 meters.

Storm gates in the inlet

Outside Älvsborgsbron, the city plans to build giant storm gates that can be open in clear weather and closed in storms when the water presses.

The major gates will be ready in 2070. 

A figure of 30 billion has been mentioned?

- It will cost a lot of money, many tens of billions.

Exactly what we do not know at present.

But if we do not do something, it will cost even more, says Lisa Ekström.

An evil spiral

Once sea levels have begun to rise, they will not stop either, as various so-called threshold effects will exacerbate climate change.

The question is what happens after the year 2100.

- According to forecasts, it will be even warmer and sea levels will only increase even more.

That worries me.

For me, it may be okay, but for future generations it does not feel really good, says Lisa Ekström.