Mainz / Speyer (dpa / lrs) - The boom in online orders during the corona pandemic has caused the number of mail items in the parcel centers in Rhineland-Palatinate to skyrocket.

"In the first few months of the pandemic, the amount developed exorbitantly - with increases of well over 30 percent on individual days," said the head of the Speyer parcel center, Rudi Herz.

In the meantime, the number has leveled off at a high level.

“Lots of people have enjoyed online trading.

We have been recording double-digit growth for years. "

Speyer is one of the most important hubs for shipments in the Rhine-Neckar region.

The Deutsche Post parcel center there is primarily responsible for postcodes 67 (Rhineland-Palatinate) and 68 and 69 (Baden-Württemberg).

Herz expects a further increase for the Christmas business.

“The parcel center averages 280,000 shipments a day and is already over 400,000 today.

On the busiest days before December 24th, we expect half a million shipments a day. "

The additional volume is also noticeable in the number of employees.

"We have an average of 430 employees in Speyer, now we have well over 600 employees."


The Saulheim parcel center near Mainz reports similar figures.

280,000 parcels are normal, currently 400,000, 500,000 parcels are expected on peak days before Christmas, it said.

There are also strong increases in the Neuwied parcel center: from the normal 324,000 to currently 430,000, 540,000 are expected before Christmas.

Because of the increase, the post office could also deliver parcels in the evening before Christmas, Herz told the German press agency.

If you want your shipment to arrive on time, you should send packages and parcels by December 19, advised Herz.

“For letters it is December 22nd and for those who want to send gifts at the last minute, December 23rd by express.

Please do not loop around the package - that could damage our distribution machines. "