Frankfurt / Main (dpa / lhe) - Four witnesses testify this Tuesday (10 a.m.) in the trial against the alleged murderer of the Kassel District President Walter Lübcke.

There is another charge against the 47-year-old German Stephan Ernst: the knife attack on an Iraqi refugee in 2016. The now 27-year-old man was seriously injured in the attack near a refugee shelter.

In his testimony before the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court (OLG) at the end of October, he described that he was still suffering from the consequences of the crime and that he was unable to work due to the ongoing health problems.

The witnesses who testify before the OLG State Security Senate are three police officers and an interpreter.

The indictment accuses Ernst of having shot CDU politician Lübcke on the terrace of his house in June 2019. In the proceedings, Ernst's former colleague Markus H. is also charged with aiding and abetting. He is said to have influenced Ernst politically. The federal prosecutor's office assumes a right-wing extremist motive.