China Overseas Chinese Network, November 24. According to the US "World Journal" report, the epidemic restricts people's travel, but it cannot restrict people's imagination.

Recently, several Asians from Los Angeles, USA have jointly created the Donut Museum. The donuts are used as the main body, and different styles of themed shooting rooms are arranged, so that people can enjoy the fun of taking pictures and take beautiful and lovely photos even if they can’t travel. .

  The Donut Theme Museum was opened in Westminster, Orange County, California, and was co-founded by several young Asians.

The founders Kathy Ly, Alix Luu and Brian Ross wanted to share their passion and creativity for doughnuts in a new way, creating an interactive doughnut experience suitable for all ages, connecting people together, having a good time, and Make lasting memories.

  The museum covers an area of ​​7,000 square feet (about 650 square meters) and has seven rooms.

The entrance is an international travel-themed room, which is the best shooting location for people who cannot travel due to the epidemic. There is a donut wall made of national flags.

After that, there are rooms with different themes such as the donut baby room, the donut classroom, the donut hot air balloon, the donut wall, and the donut light room.

The people who come to visit here cover different age groups, including children and adults.

People pose for photos, take photos together and play with props here.

  Kathy Ly said that the museum finally opened after going through many obstacles in June of this year, but it didn't take long for it to suffer from an epidemic and closed for three months.

After the reopening in September, we received positive feedback from many visitors who realized that people would prefer sweet comfort during the epidemic.

(Zhang Hong)