• Cucchi case, pm: "Notes of applause were sent for Stefano's arrest"

  • Cucchi case, the Assize Court: He did not die of epilepsy, an unjustifiable reaction of the carabinieri


November 24, 2020- "After so many battles and clashes we finally found ourselves, I with a new and unexpected desire to live and do great things as I never imagined months ago, you who, so great (but not aged), a constant point of reference a man who perhaps has never stopped believing in me (perhaps the only one) ". These are the words that Stefano Cucchi sent to his father in a letter dating back to August 2006 and that today the father of the surveyor who died in 2009, seven days after his arrest for drug dealing, quoted during his testimony in the trial to eight carabinieri accused of misdirection. "You understand life begins now, - Stefano continues in the letter - ours is the one we are building together. Dad, I don't think we can live a second time so let's enjoy this life and face every hardship together if there will be, just like this we will really meet ". Today in the bunker room of Rebibbia, Giovanni and Rita Coccoli have relived, once again, what happened eleven years ago. A tragic and very present memory in the words of the two. Cucchi's mother didn't mince words. "This story has destroyed us physically and economically, we have had terrible moments", said the woman in the Rebibbia bunker classroom, answering the questions of the prosecutor Giovanni Musaro '. The parents of the thirty-year-old Roman are back with the memory of those days. "Stefano had problems and entering the community for 4 years, he left it, worked with his father from morning to night and was rebuilding a life. He was back to what he had always been as a child, he was fine. He had a life ahead of him. he did not suffer from epilepsy for years. He ate everything, he was greedy, he was not anorexic, HIV positive, all invented and unacceptable ", added the mother. For his part, Giovanni Cucchi recalled that the arrest of his son was "a cold shower". "I always carry with Stefano's letter to show that my son cared about his family and we cared about him. Ilaria had to write a book to deny that we had abandoned him", he added. "On the night of his arrest no one spoke to him bad words - said Cucchi's father -. Of course, we were disappointed. In court I saw him with a disfigured face, swollen like a bagpipe and with bags under his eyes. In court Stefano he said to me 'dad, I was framed'. He was in handcuffs and throwing his arms around my neck he said 'it's over' and I 'will take you to the community' ". A few days after that meeting Stefano dies. "When we saw his body at the institute of forensic medicine, I who had given birth to him for a split second had a hard time recognizing my son - explained the mother -. It was inside a glass case, with a lot of policemen around. , covered only by a sheet up to his neck. Only later did we discover the rest of the body, with fractures behind his back. It was a skeleton with half-open eyes, open mouth. That wasn't Stefano. There was a policeman who he went around that case shaking his head as if to say 'it is not possible'. In front of that body we swore that truth and justice would come out, we would do it for him ". Shortly before the deposition of the parents, the testimony of General Vittorio Tomasone, at the time of the events commander of the provincial in Rome, was concluded. Returning to those days, the general recalled that "at the time he had a frequent, almost daily relationship with the prosecutor Vincenzo Barba", owner of the dossier on the death of the surveyor. "I read what the newspapers wrote and I asked the prosecutor if the carabinieri had anything to do with this story or not. 'Is there anything we have to do?' I asked the pm ".