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It's time for current affairs critic Hyun-Jun Go's news.

What's the first news?

<Ko Hyun-Jun/Sisa Critic>

It happened in China, but something that I can't believe in writing alone happened.

There is a controversy over the occurrence of a fire in tap water in a village in China.

A fire is burning on the sink. When you put a lighter close to the place where tap water is flowing, a spark is generated.

This is a video posted online by a villager in Liaoning Province, China, saying that they can light the tap water in their house.

The resident said that when washing his hands, it always seemed not to be washed clean, and appealed that it is about 3-4 years old, as is the case with all 100 households in the village.

Last summer, they raised a problem with the local water company, but the company said it was not a matter of jurisdiction, so it is said that the detailed cause is not yet known.

Some speculation has been raised that the gas on the surface of the reservoir may have been mixed with tap water, as the area is to the north of the oil reservoir.

Authorities said that as the controversy grew, they formed a joint investigation team and were conducting inspections. They said that they stopped using water storage and water pipes for residents in the area, pulled water from other places, and supplied them to residents temporarily.

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would have smelled a little if it could catch fire like that, but it's a bit surprising to know that I've been using it for 3-4 years, whether it smells like oil or gas.

Please tell me the next news.

<Koh Hyun-jun / Current Affairs Critic>

This is the second news today (24th).

People who give food to street cats and take care of them are called Cat Mom and Cat Daddy. There is an endless conflict between Cat Mom and Cat Daddy and local residents.

This is a notice recently posted on an elementary school in the metropolitan area.

It is a content that asks students not to provide food for street cats in school, saying that they are concerned about the hygiene of students due to cat excrement in school flower beds and playgrounds.

These notices are often found not only in the school, but also in some residential areas and parks.

They say that there are noises such as the cries of cats in the crowd, and scratching a parked car or damaging a garbage bag during a territorial dispute.

Another problem is that plastic bags containing feed are thrown away.

For this reason, people who oppose feeding street cats point out that if you are going to give them food, you should take them home or clean up their excrement and trash.

On the other hand, cat moms and cat daddies are confronting them saying that cats are territorial animals, so you have to feed them in one place and save lives.

Although local governments are making efforts to reduce the number of street cats, neutering surgery and provision of food service facilities, it is difficult to reduce such conflicts.


Actually, it's a very difficult problem.

It seems that it is right to avoid places where local governments and schools ask you not to give away some of this place, and the rest of them will have to communicate with the residents.

What about the next news?

<Ko Hyun-Jun/Sisa Critic>

Multiplex theaters are raising their admission fees, causing controversy.

Last month, CGV raised the admission fee for the movie, followed by Megabox, which increased the admission fee by an average of 1,000 won.

Lotte Cinema also announced plans to increase admission fees next month. Theaters said that it was an unavoidable decision due to the difficulties caused by the prolonged Corona 19 and the increase in fixed costs, but the reaction from the audience is cold.

Previously, theaters raised admission fees ahead of the release of the 2018 Marvel movie'Avengers: Infinity War'.

He criticized that he made an impression ahead of the opening of the blockbuster, which is expected to be a box office at the time, and that the admission fee was raised even when the situation was good or bad.

The 1,000 won increase is also controversial.

In the past, when there was not much use of cards, when purchasing tickets on-site, it became a common practice to set it in units of 1,000 won without change for quick payment.

It is pointed out that there is a need for the movie industry, including theaters, to actively step forward and inform consumers of the grounds for raising the admission fee so that it can easily and touch the skin.