We recently reported that our quarantine authorities are negotiating the supply of a COVID-19 vaccine with a multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. There was also no notice.

Reporter Kim Jung-ki reports.




that the Corona 19 vaccine jointly developed by Oxford University showed an immunity effect of 70% as a result of interim clinical trial analysis, major foreign media such as the BBC reported.

[Ramasami/Oxford University Joint Research Director: Looking at the results, our vaccine was effective in all groups and age groups.

Especially, the effect was good in subjects over 70 years of age.]

Compared to the previously announced Pfizer vaccine's 95% immune effect and the modena vaccine's 94.5%, the immune effect is lower.

However, the researchers explained that different ways of administering the vaccine would increase the immune effect by 90%, not far behind Pfizer or Modena.

He said that there were no other side effects.

AstraZeneca vaccine is cheaper than vaccines from other pharmaceutical companies, and has the advantage of being able to store longer than 6 months in a regular refrigerator.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare and SK Bioscience have signed a three-way letter of intent with AstraZeneca for domestic production and supply of corona vaccine.

At least 10 million AstraZeneca vaccines are expected to be supplied for domestic vaccination.

The government says negotiations to secure the vaccine are in the final stage.

[Jung Eun-kyung / Head of Central Defense Countermeasures Headquarters: It is expected that 30 million people can be secured through contracts by the end of the year.] The

government secured 30 million corona vaccines through international vaccine supply systems and individual negotiations with pharmaceutical companies. I have a plan to do it.