Potsdam (dpa / bb) - A third case of bird flu has been confirmed in Brandenburg.

As the consumer protection ministry announced on Monday via Twitter, a dead bean goose in the Prignitz district tested positive for the H5N8 virus.

According to the Ministry, the Friedrich Loeffler Institute had confirmed the suspicion.

The goose was initially at a pond and showed conspicuous behavior, as it was called by the district.

A little later she was found dead on the bank.

Surrounding poultry farmers were asked to observe the animal population and to report abnormalities.

It is already the second documented case of avian influenza in the Prignitz district.

In November, the H5N8 pathogen was confirmed in a dead buzzard.

In the Ostprignitz-Ruppin district, bird flu was detected in a dead crane.

According to the Ministry of Consumer Protection, the Brandenburg Poultry Association and the pedigree poultry breeders have been informed about the current situation regarding avian influenza.

Hobby owners should therefore ensure that stables are secured against unauthorized access and that strangers can only enter them with their own protective or disposable clothing.

There should also be facilities for washing hands and disinfecting shoes.

All poultry farmers are called upon to step up the prescribed biosecurity measures, also by avoiding contact between wild birds and farm poultry.


Infections in people with the pathogen are not yet known according to the ministry.

According to an assessment by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, transmission via infected foods is unlikely.