After several new corona cases, the authorities in China are using mass tests to look for possible further infected people.

In the metropolis of Shanghai, two new infections were reported on Monday, increasing the number there to seven since Friday.

Videos on the Internet, which apparently came from employees, showed chaotic scenes at the airport, where the corona outbreak began.

There was scuffle between larger groups of people and health breathers in protective suits that they wanted to test.

At the Pudong International Airport in Shanghai, the decision was made on Sunday evening to carry out 17,719 tests on all employees within a few hours.

If more infected people were discovered in the process, they wanted to continue testing in their environment.

The two newly infected people, confirmed on Monday, had close contact with another employee at the airport who had tested positive for the corona virus.

Shanghai Airport is just one of several places in China where the authorities want to quickly contain new corona outbreaks with mass tests.

The approach there is much more selective than in Tianjin, where after five new infections in the past week, more than 2.2 million samples were taken from residents of the Binhai district.

The employees positioned themselves in front of the airport for the tests

Source: AFP / STR


In Manzhouli in Inner Mongolia, all of the more than 200,000 residents are tested after two local infections.

In addition, schools were closed and public events were prohibited.

China is repeatedly criticized for such draconian measures, especially from abroad.

Wuhan, where the pandemic started, was sealed off from the outside world for more than two months.

At the same time, China is successful with the strategy and, in contrast to many Western countries, has meanwhile returned to a largely normal life.