Mr. Biden is expected to nominate Mr. Brinken, an aide to Secretary of State US media November 23, 20:08

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who declared victory in the US presidential election, will announce some of his ministerial appointments on the 24th.

Biden is expected to appoint a former Deputy Secretary of State, Brinken, to the Secretary of State, who is at the heart of diplomacy, and there is growing interest in the new administration.

Mr. Biden to announce part of ministerial personnel on the 24th

Democratic Party Biden declared victory in the U.S. presidential election on the 3rd of this month after major media reports confirmed that he was elected, but President Trump argued that the election was fraudulent and fought a court battle. I haven't broken my stance to continue.

However, experts and the media have pointed out that Biden's winning certainty is unlikely to be overturned.

Under these circumstances, Mr. Crane, who decided to appoint Mr. Biden as the White House Chief of Staff, announced on the 22nd that Mr. Biden will announce a part of the ministerial personnel on the 24th.

It's unclear which post to announce, but several media outlets have told Secretary of State that Biden is expected to appoint Mr. Brinken, a diplomatic adviser to the Biden camp.

Mr. Brinken served Mr. Biden as Vice President's Security Adviser during the first term of the Obama administration, and was in charge of foreign policy as Deputy Secretary of State during the second term of the Obama administration.

There is growing interest in the personnel affairs of ministers, with various news reports being reported every day.

To date, the Fed's former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Janet Yellen, and the Fed's board of directors, Mr. Brainard, have been considered promising as Treasury Secretaries, as well as former Secretary of Defense Fronoy and Senator Duckworth. I will.

Many of the candidates for the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of Defense are women, each of whom will be the first in American history to take office and symbolize Biden's diverse government.

Secretary of State Secretary of State

Antony Brinken, who has reported that several U.S. media are expected to be appointed Secretary of State, has been known as Biden's longtime aide and has been responsible for Biden's foreign and security policy during the election. I've taken it all out.

Mr. Brinken advocates a foreign policy that emphasizes international cooperation and alliances, saying that the Trump administration's "America first principle" has created a conflict with allies.

It appeals to China, which continues its military rise, for the need to unite and oppose Japan and other allies and related countries.

In addition, Susan Rice, who was the first black woman to serve as the UN ambassador during the Obama administration and later served as National Security Adviser at the White House, was also initially regarded as a promising candidate for Secretary of State. ..

However, there is still strong opposition within the Republican Party over the response to the case where the US Consulate was attacked in eastern Libya in 2012 and the ambassadors were killed, and it is expected that approval by the Senate will be difficult. There is a widespread view that the appointment will be postponed.

Secretary of the Treasury

Regarding the Treasury Secretary, who plays an important role in rebuilding the domestic economy, Mr. Biden said that he is "a person who is accepted by everyone in the party", and the name of a person who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the economic field is mentioned. ..

Janet Yellen has been chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the central bank, for four years starting in 2014, managing monetary policy with an emphasis on employment.

Fed board member Lael Brainard was Deputy Treasury Secretary during the Obama administration.

He is currently leading the crisis response to the new coronavirus with Fed Chair Powell and others.

On the other hand, some leftists in the party are pushing for Elizabeth Warren, who fought with Biden for nomination in the presidential election.

Warren is a left-wing senator with an "anti-Wall Street" stance, appealing for support for the middle class and insisting on tax increases for large corporations and the wealthy.

Being a representative of the Democratic left, it is expected that approval will be difficult if the Republican Party secures a majority in the Senate in the final vote in southern Georgia next January.

Candidate Secretary of Defense

Two women are considered promising for the Secretary of Defense.

Michelle Fronoy served as Deputy Secretary of Defense during the first term of the Obama administration.

Mr. Fronoi was also involved in the formulation of a "defense strategy" in which the Trump administration placed the response to China and Russia as the top priority of US defense policy in January, and is a cross-partisan defense policy expert. Known as.

Tammy Duckworth is an Asian-American senator from Thailand.

A veteran who lost both legs in the Iraq War, he was popular among women for his continued activities as a member of the Diet while raising children, and was once named as Mr. Biden's vice presidential candidate.

Secretary of Labor

In addition, Senator Bernie Sanders, who is a central figure in the party's left wing and who fought with Mr. Biden to the end in selecting a Democratic presidential candidate, has also been nominated as a candidate for Secretary of Labor.

What are the characteristics of Mr. Biden's personnel?

Mr. Biden has announced the appointment of a total of 14 White House officials, including the appointment of his closest aide, Mr. Crane, to the White House Chief of Staff, all of which have supported Mr. Biden's activities for many years. A close aide or someone familiar with Washington politics is selected.

This is in contrast to President Trump's quest to break down established politics, with former Chief Strategist Bannon and other inexperienced people, and the president's eldest daughter, Aide Ivanka and her husband, Senior Advisor Kushner, as their closest aides. is.

Biden, who chose black and female Harris as the vice presidential candidate, has also expressed his intention to reflect diversity in the new administration's personnel affairs.

Mr. Biden has appointed female O'Malley Dillon, who was the head of the camp's election campaign, as the White House Chief of Staff, eight of the 14 White House officials announced are women, and he has been a senior presidential adviser. Has been nominated by the Black House of Representatives Richmond.

Meanwhile, with regard to the personnel affairs of the Secretary of State, which is the cornerstone of foreign policy, there is growing interest in how the policy toward China, which is becoming more influential, will change.

While President Trump has taken a policy of increasing pressure in all aspects of politics, economy and security, Mr. Biden is not enough to put pressure on China, and China on global issues such as climate variability and the new coronavirus. Should negotiate with.

However, Mr. Campbell, who served as Assistant Secretary of State under the former Obama administration and still advises Biden's East Asian policy, promotes democratization and international cooperation by deepening relations with China in his contribution to a diplomatic magazine. He points out that the policies of successive administrations toward China were wrong.

Nowadays, the Democratic Party of Japan is becoming more cautious about China, and diplomatic sources from Japan and the United States said, "It is unlikely that the attitude toward China will suddenly loosen no matter who is the Secretary of State." It shows the view that it will not change.

In addition, the ministerial appointment this time is expected to be greatly influenced by the result of the final vote of the Senate election to be held in southern Georgia in January next year.

If the Democratic Party fails to win a majority in the Senate in the January Senate, it will be difficult for Republicans to face strong opposition, as ministerial and ministry executives will need to be approved by the Senate. Will be.

For this reason, Mr. Biden has appointed former Democratic left-wing Senator Sanders and Warren, as well as former White House Chief of Staff, who is still strongly opposed within the Republican Party over the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in eastern Libya in 2012. Will be difficult.

Expert "A big difference in diplomacy with Asia in ministerial personnel"

Professor Fumiaki Kubo of the University of Tokyo, who specializes in American politics, said about the ministerial personnel affairs for the inauguration of the new Biden administration, "What kind of person will be appointed will make a big difference in the Biden administration's diplomacy with Japan and China. For example, what kind of thinking do you have for China, whether you think that the priority of US diplomacy is cooperation for global warming countermeasures, or whether you try to push out military power to the fullest? The content of the policy will be quite different depending on the situation. "

On the other hand, regarding the appointment of the left wing of the Democratic Party, "In the election campaign, the left wing is cooperating with Mr. Biden this time unlike four years ago, and in return, appointing themselves to some important ministerial posts. I want it. How much to accept such leftist demands, how to reflect various diversity such as ability and policy direction in personnel affairs is a difficult task for Mr. Biden, and on the contrary, his skill There is also a highlight, "said Biden, who is faced with difficult adjustments.

He also points out that if the left wing is appointed as a minister, the division may become even more serious, saying that "the Republican Party will increasingly criticize it as socialism."