The classrooms are small and since the school desks cannot be shared more or less, part of Bergska Gymnasiet in Finspång must have distance education.

As of Tuesday, only one of the year classes is in place at the school, while two year classes may have distance learning.

It will also be different for the students who are in the school itself.

- They are divided so that you can be in two classrooms and the teacher can go between, says Tangra Brussander, who is the principal of the part of Bergska school that is in the building Bildningen in Finspång.

On another floor in the same building is Curt Nicolin High School.

It is a free school, which has partly had distance education since the start of the semester.

- I think it has exceeded expectations well.

We have found a solution that lasts over time.

Curt Nicolin High School chose to switch to distance education early because many of the students commute from, for example, Norrköping.

This meant that even if it was possible to keep distance at school, the school trip by bus became a possible risk of infection.