, November 23, Tang Chengpei, deputy minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, introduced at a press conference on the 23rd that the Ministry of Civil Affairs has carried out social assistance protection work from many aspects, and strives to achieve "no settlement or loss of one person." .

At present, the national minimum allowance for rural residents is 5842 yuan per person per year, and the national monthly allowance is 289 yuan.

Data map: A poverty alleviation breeding plant in Gansu.

Photo by Wei Jianjun

  The Information Office of the State Council held a press conference on the 23rd. At the meeting, reporters asked questions. What specific measures has the Ministry of Civil Affairs taken to ensure social assistance?

What results have been achieved?

  "Social assistance protection is an important part of poverty alleviation, and it is also the last line of defense." Tang Chengpei pointed out that the Ministry of Civil Affairs has carried out work in the following aspects and strived to "not settle down one household or one person."

  The first is to improve the social assistance systems such as the subsistence allowances, and include all eligible poor people in the scope of insurance coverage.

It is necessary to ensure that all eligible poverty-stricken people with registered documents and registered cards are included in the scope of social assistance coverage, so as to realize the "guarantee as required."

At the same time, improve the rural subsistence allowance system. For poor households that do not meet the scope of the subsistence allowance for the entire household, but have severely disabled or severely ill patients in their households, seriously ill and severely disabled persons will be separately included in the scope of the subsistence allowance.

  At present, a total of 20,400,000 registered poverty-stricken people across the country have been included in the scope of assistance and support for people with minimum living standards or special difficulties, of which 67% are elderly, minors, seriously ill patients, and severely disabled people.

In addition, the emergency relief system has been innovated and developed, and an active discovery and active relief mechanism has been established to provide timely detection, timely intervention, and immediate relief to people experiencing sudden difficulties, so as to ensure the basic lives of these needy people.

  The second is to continuously improve the working mechanism and accurately identify the protection objects.

Determining the protection object is the key, but it is also a difficult point.

In recent years, we have started with mechanism construction and worked with relevant departments to formulate methods for inquiring information on household registration, vehicles, housing, social security, employment, etc., and instructed all regions to establish social assistance family economic status verification mechanisms to objectively evaluate applicants’ family income, Property and other conditions.

Improve and improve the economic status assessment and accounting mechanism of rural subsistence allowance families, and comprehensively assess the poverty status of families.

At the same time, urge all localities to establish a record system for the subsistence allowance management personnel and close relatives to enjoy the subsistence allowance.

  The third is to steadily increase the level of assistance, and effectively solve the problem of "two no worries" for the needy people who are included in the protection scope.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs urged and guided areas with low rural minimum living standards to steadily raise the standards to achieve effective convergence with poverty alleviation standards.

At present, all the rural subsistence allowances at the city and county level across the country have reached or exceeded the poverty alleviation standards, and they have been exceeded dynamically.

After the poor households are included in the subsistence allowances, the problem of “no worries about food and clothing” can be solved.

  At present, the average national minimum living standard for rural residents is 5842 yuan per person per year, which is 487 yuan per month.

What the subsistence allowance gives him is to make up the difference. For example, the monthly minimum subsistence standard is 487 yuan, but there will still be some productive and labor income in the households of the people. After calculating this part of income, if the family income does not reach the minimum subsistence allowance Standards are given to make up the difference. After making up the difference, his income reaches the local minimum guarantee standard.

The country’s average monthly compensation is now 289 yuan.

  The fourth is to strengthen the precise implementation of policies for each individual and household, and solve the difficulties encountered by different groups according to the causes of difficulties.

For the elderly, minors, severely disabled and severely ill patients who still have difficulty living after receiving the subsistence allowance, appropriate additional subsistence allowances can be issued.

For families that are impoverished due to large rigid expenditures, when accounting for family income, the rigid expenditures increased due to illness and disability can be appropriately deducted. Some families have severely ill patients and severely disabled persons, and their expenditures are more than ordinary ones. The people in difficulty will be even greater, and these rigid expenditures must be appropriately deducted when calculating their income.

The work costs of the poor for employment and participation in poverty alleviation projects should also be appropriately deducted when calculating family income.

  In addition, for the impoverished people who have been included in the scope of the subsistence allowance, if the per capita income of the family exceeds the subsistence allowance standard, they should withdraw from the subsistence allowance under normal circumstances, but they can be given a period of "gradual retirement", such as an extension of six months to enjoy the allowance Bao, wait until he is stable out of poverty before quitting.

For the sudden and temporary life difficulties encountered by the impoverished people, we will strengthen temporary assistance measures, carry out small-amount first aid, and efficiently and quickly solve the "immediate needs".