Leipzig (dpa / sn) - The Christmas market in Leipzig has been canceled, but a festive atmosphere should arise in the city center with the help of numerous light installations.

From this Monday on, the “Choir of Angels” will shine on the Christmas tree on the market square, the “Magical Forest” on Grimmaische Strasse and also the fairy tale land on Augustusplatz, as the city announced on Monday.

"We want to create joy and a contemplative mood among the visitors to our weekly market and the passers-by and strollers in the city center," said market office manager Walter Ebert.

In the “Choir of Angels”, five figures, each 2.80 meters high, make music with a hymn book, trumpet, drum, harp and flute around the Christmas tree. The “Magical Forest” is formed by nine large animal figures and twenty-five sparkling mushrooms. In Fairy Tale Land, “Snow White and Rose Red”, “The Princess and the Pea”, “Hans in Luck” and “The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats” as well as Santa Claus and his sledge await the children.