Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) - Left boss Bernd Riexinger calls for a rent cap for Baden-Württemberg based on the Berlin model.

In the opinion of the federal chairman, the rise in rents must be stopped.

Then, in a second stage, rents are to be reduced significantly.

“Of course we know that this is more difficult in a country than in a single city.

That means that the upper rent limits would have to be different according to the regional structure, ”said Riexinger on Monday in Stuttgart.

The second phase of the controversial rent cover law started in Berlin at the beginning of the week.

Excessive existing rents must now be reduced if they are more than 20 percent above the upper limits set by the state.

Critics fear a lack of investment and a decline in residential construction.

However, according to Riexinger's assessment, the claim that there are no new apartments is correct - figures from Berlin refute this.

According to the so far unique law in Berlin, rents for around 1.5 million apartments have been frozen at the June 2019 level since February.

From 2022, they may increase by a maximum of 1.3 percent annually.

The rent cap is limited to five years.


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