Munich (dpa / lby) - Bavaria's regional bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm does not expect Christmas services to be canceled despite the threatened extension of the partial lockdown.

"I have no reason to doubt that we will celebrate powerful church services at Christmas," he said on Monday at the regional synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria.

There will be a lot of ventilation and there will be several services in succession.

The council chairman of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) also spoke of open-air church services.

The 108 members had already met on Sunday for their four-day autumn meeting.

For the first time in the history of the Bavarian regional church, the synod takes place as a video conference.

The focus of the discussions is the adoption of the budget for the coming year.

The budget takes into account the decline in church tax revenues due to the corona pandemic, but according to the state church office it comes without drastic cuts.

In addition, the decision should be made whether a Protestant campus should be built in Nuremberg for 100 million euros.


A resolution is also expected on a new church law entitled «Prevention, intervention, help and dealing with sexualised violence».

Many of the regulations described in the law are already being practiced, announced the regional church.

By law, however, they are to be made obligatory for all institutions of diakonia and the church.

Vita Bedford-Strohm