• The pact. Otegi announces the support of Bildu to the Budgets and Churches says that it will be integrated in the "direction of the State"

  • Bildu.EH Bildu: "We are going to Madrid to definitively overthrow the regime"

  • Politics.Pedro Sánchez accuses Pablo Iglesias and Arnaldo Otegi of the "set design" blow but censures the PSOE 'barons'

Arnaldo Otegi has confirmed EH Bildu's yes to Pedro Sánchez's budgets without clarifying what he will receive in return.

His support for the 2021 accounts obeys the objective, according to the leader of EH Bildu, of keeping "a window of opportunity open" and preventing "the right wing" from ruling in Spain.

The decision made by Bildu must be ratified by his positions in a national assembly but not in a consultation with his militants next Thursday.

Otegi has ratified the support for Sanchez's budgets that the same advance provoking a huge political debate on the legitimacy of making a partner a party that does not condemn ETA terrorism.

The leader of EH Bildu has not specified what specific conditions Bildu has already achieved out of thirty partial amendments that he had registered and, in addition, has ruled out that the approach of ETA prisoners.

For prisons near the Basque Country, form part of the negotiation with the central government.

"The repatriation of Basque prisoners is not subject to negotiation, it is to comply with what Spanish legislation says", Otegi stated after the meeting of the EH Bildu management in San Sebastián.

Otegi recalled the support of his formation for both the motion of censure against Rajoy and the investiture of Pedro Sanchez, facilitating the launch of the coalition government of PSOE and United We Can.

"We say what we do and we do what we say," Otegi has repeated, emphasizing his objective of facilitating in all institutions to "win rights for the people."

He has also avoided ratifying the statements of his number two Arkaitz Rodríguez that in the Basque Parliament justified the presence of Bildu in Congress to "overthrow the Spanish political regime."

"The objective is to open windows of opportunity for the democratization of the Spanish State and I have nothing, so to say," he replied during his appearance before the media.

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Politics Pedro Sánchez accuses Pablo Iglesias and Arnaldo Otegi of the "set design" blow but censures the PSOE 'barons'

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