The number of COVID-19 infections in the United States has exceeded 12 million.

The U.S. Johns Hopkins University has counted the cumulative number of corona19 confirmed cases in the U.S. to 11,191,960.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeded 11 million on the last 15 days, and then 1 million was added again in 6 days.

Of the 57.9 million cumulative infections worldwide, one in five is American.

The cumulative death toll was 255,177, accounting for 18.5% of the 137,484 cumulative deaths worldwide.

CNN reported that in November alone, 2.8 million people were newly confirmed.

On the 20th, the previous day, 195,000 new confirmed cases came out, recording the highest level of new cases a day after the Corona 19 incident.

Debbie Bucks, coordinator of the White House's Corona 19 Task Force (TF), told CNN that the rate of spread is significantly faster than before, with a broader range, and that the situation could be longer.

In the midst of this, tensions are rising as movements and gatherings are expected to increase significantly on the 26th, in the wake of Thanksgiving, the largest holiday in America.