On November 21, local time, Ronna McDaniel, Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), and Laura Cox, Chairman of the Republican Party of Michigan, sent a letter urging the committee to adjourn the meeting for 14 days for a comprehensive Audit and investigation to "resolve abnormal numbers and reports of procedures."

  The letter read: "If these violations are now covered without a thorough review, it will only intensify the distrust of Michigan voters." Republican US Senate candidate John James also requested an extension for similar reasons.

  The suspension of the Michigan election certification process was made after US President Trump failed to persuade Republican members of the Michigan legislature to help the state favor him.

After meeting with Trump at the White House on Friday (20th), Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (Mike Shirkey) and House Speaker Lee Chatfield (Lee Chatfield) said they did not get anything that would change Michigan. New information on state election results.

  Democratic president-elect Biden won approximately 150,000 votes from voters in Michigan.

The state is one of the few states where the Trump team has raised legal challenges.

Michigan plans to verify the election results on Monday (23rd).

  Some voters in Michigan filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court of Washington, D.C. on Friday (20th), claiming that the Trump campaign’s legal challenge to local election officials was a manifestation of voter suppression.

(CCTV reporter Liu Xiaoqian)