• Coronavirus, G20: "The virus has no borders, a united front commitment"

  • Coronavirus, G20 finance ministers: we need a common strategy to get out of the crisis

  • IMF: G20 joint efforts essential for global recovery

  • G20 in aid of the poorest countries, moratorium on debt


November 21, 2020 Riyadh G20 Summit in digital form has begun.

The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte participates in connection from Palazzo Chigi.

The message of Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud, king of Saudi Arabia, the first "hosted" by an Arab nation, opened the meeting.

The participation of

Donald Trump.

Last night, administration officials quoted by the US media gave it for certain but there is still no official confirmation from the White House, nor is it known whether it will decide to speak.

Among the leaders who should intervene with speeches are German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, as well as Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The summit comes at a time when large-scale efforts to find a vaccine against Covid-19 are stepping up and demands are mounting on G20 countries to fill a $ 4.5 billion funding gap.

G20 nations have so far contributed more than $ 21 billion to the fight against the pandemic and injected over $ 11 trillion into the virus-strained world economic system.

As there is no opportunity to take the traditional family photo, a group portrait of the leaders will be screened at the start of the summit against the backdrop of the ruins of the historic city of Diriyah, near the Saudi capital.  

In the morning

, Prime Minister Conte


in a video message

addressed to the heads of state saying that "The G20 will reflect our commitment to a rapid recovery" from the pandemic crisis and to "find solutions for the major challenges that humanity is facing today, from climate change as inequalities persist. We must remain united and use the opportunities that this crisis has offered us to create a new, better, normality ".

In the opening message of the summit, the premier

indicated how "the imperative must be to guarantee access to diagnosis, therapies and vaccines to the entire world community: for Italy these are global public goods, the right of all and not the privilege of a few. We must face the terrible test imposed by covid-19 by investing in public health: it is a moral and social imperative as well as a political one ".   

"We are ready to take our responsibility. In this spirit we have decided to host the

" global health summit ",

in collaboration with the EU commission" the G20 has taken unprecedented measures "in the fight against Covid and," while we continue to fight the virus and while we welcome recent news from vaccine research, we must also look ahead, to our future and the future of the younger generation.

We need to strengthen our collaboration with multilateral institutions and make them more effective, including a

strengthened WHO



We will


from the crisis only by conceiving" a new beginning ", placing the person at the center of efforts on global challenges. This is one of the concepts that the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte underlined.

The Italian commitment to these prerogatives will continue with the assumption of the Italian presidency of the G20 for next year

: Italy will promote a coordinated effort to overcome the economic crisis, with particular regard to the most vulnerable countries, has explained. "The debt moratorium is a good step in that direction.

And I am convinced that greater debt relief is needed ", he said, specifying that" we must stop the cycle of over-indebtedness. "

At the G20 also

the president of the European Commission Von der Leyen

. On twitter he wrote that" all countries must collaborate better to improve global health security.

It will help us to overcome this pandemic and to avoid another. "  

Even the

King Salman del'Arabia Arabia

opened the G20 urging world leaders to deal with the aftermath of the coronavirus for the most vulnerable countries." In the near future we need to address vulnerabilities exposed by this crisis, protecting lives and livelihoods ", said the sovereign, calling for a coordinated effort in support of developing countries affected by the economic consequences of the health crisis.