Berlin (dpa / bb) - The Berlin health authorities reported 1051 new infections with the corona virus on Saturday.

That was 652 fewer than on Friday, but 220 more than on Saturday last week.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, a total of 56,068 people have been infected in Berlin, as the State Office for Health and Social Affairs announced on Saturday.

34 460 of these are considered recovered.

The number of people who have died with a corona infection so far is 447. This week there were 89 deaths, compared to 64 in the previous week.

Almost every tenth test is now positive.

303 Covid-19 patients are in intensive care units, most of them are ventilated.

The occupancy rate of the intensive care beds is 24.3 percent.


For every 100,000 inhabitants, 224.6 infections were reported in the past seven days.

This so-called seven-day incidence was slightly lower than on Friday.

Compared to the previous week, it has increased by 4 percent.

In mid-October, however, this growth rate was still well over 50 percent.

Since then the trend has been pointing downwards.

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