“Promoting regulatory reform to regions where it is easy to start a business” Minister of Regulatory Reform Kono November 22, 15:35


Mr. Kono, the minister in charge of regulatory reform, exchanged opinions with entrepreneurs in Kochi City and emphasized the idea of ​​promoting regulatory reform, saying that it is necessary to create an environment where it is easy to start a business in rural areas in order to revitalize the economy.

Kochi, the minister in charge of regulatory reform, visited Kochi City on the 22nd and exchanged opinions with entrepreneurs from university students to those in their 40s who started businesses in rural areas and employees of local governments who are supporting entrepreneurship.

In this, Minister Kono said, "The Suga Cabinet started with'Let's do regulatory reform at 1-1.'Do whatever you have to do to start up a new business and revitalize the economy. I will go. "

In response, attendees requested that the communication environment be easy to start in rural areas, support for securing human resources, and that the scope of donation deductions for collecting funds should be expanded.

After that, Minister Kono told reporters in Nankoku City, "We received various opinions about local governments and national regulations. We will respond to national regulatory reforms in the country, and the local governments will cooperate with the National Governors' Association. We will respond while doing so. "