The tourist attraction'Arch Cliff' on Sumba Island, Indonesia, has disappeared forever due to the impact of huge waves and earthquakes.

According to Compass et al. on the 21st, the arched cliff'Batu Bolong' at Banana Beach on the west side of Sumba Island, Nusaungara, Indonesia disappeared overnight on the 17th.

Batu Bolong means'rock with holes' in Indonesian.

Sumba Island is located below Komodo National Park, east of Lombok Island, Bali.

This cliff, which looks like an arch gate at Banana Beach in Sumba Island, is a place where tourists flock to take beautiful pictures at sunrise and sunset, and it is a place that Korean tourists and photographers often visit.

From the morning of the 18th of this month, locals shared a picture of the disappearance of the cliff on social media, saying, "Batu Bolong disappeared overnight. You can no longer take pictures of beautiful sunsets on Sumba Island."

Because of their regretful feelings, some raised suspicion, "Isn't it damaged by people?"

However, the tourism authorities of Sumba Island said, "The biggest cause of the rock breakage is the impact of huge waves at every high tide."

The west coast of Sumba Island has been experiencing repeated earthquakes in recent years.

Starting with the scale 4.0 earthquake on August 2, earthquakes of 5.1, 5.1 on the 8th, 4.0 on the 9th, and 4.6 on the 10th of the same month occurred.

In addition, a scale of 4.5 earthquakes occurred on September 12 and a scale of 4.9 earthquakes on the 30th of the same month, and a scale of 4.4 earthquakes occurred on the morning of the 18th of this month, the day after the cliff disappeared.

(Photo = Twitter @alexjourneyID, Yonhap News)