A complaint was filed Thursday in Versailles by the children of a couple in their eighties who died in a hospital in Yvelines where they had been hospitalized because of the Covid-19.

The children denounce the uncoordinated and unjustified implementation of a palliative care protocol accused of having killed their parents, according to their lawyer.

The children of a couple of octogenarians sick with Covid and dead in a hospital in Yvelines lodged a complaint Thursday in Versailles, denouncing the uncoordinated and unjustified implementation of a palliative care protocol which, according to them, killed their parents, AFP learned from their lawyer on Saturday.

This complaint for "administration of harmful substance" and "manslaughter" was filed Thursday at the parquet floor of Versailles, said Me Fanny Vial.

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"A certain unease felt by caregivers"

According to the lawyer, "the four children, including a cardiologist and a pharmacist, suddenly learned of the death" on March 27 and 28 of their parents, aged 87 and 89.

The two octogenarians were hospitalized on March 20 for a stay in the "short stay geriatric" unit of the Plaisir hospital center (Yvelines), three days after the start of the first confinement.

The children "were also surprised at a certain discomfort felt by caregivers. They asked for the medical file and discovered that palliative care had been put in place quickly, via a protocol combining morphine", against pain. , "and hypnovel," a sedative, the lawyer reported.

"The condition of the patients did not show the need for such protocols"

"The medical record does not seem to justify the use of this powerful cocktail, whose doses were increasing, only by the sole desire to treat 'discomfort' of patients," she added.

In a statement sent to AFP, the four children affirm that "the establishment of this palliative care had not been the subject of any communication to the family (contrary to the legislation in force), but above all it appears that no diagnosis has been made on patients whose condition did not indicate the need for such protocols ".


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By filing a complaint, they hope that "the medical profession in disagreement with these protocols for the implementation of unjustified palliative care will break the silence and that judicial responses be provided in the face of these obvious dysfunctions".

Contacted by AFP, the Plaisir hospital center has, for the moment, not responded to its requests.