It is now possible to buy a Christmas tree for the holidays.

The opportunity to brighten up the gloomy daily life of confinement.

For florists, this is an event not to be missed, as it represents the third peak in sales of the year.


A little bubble of happiness.

Since Friday morning, the French can buy their Christmas tree and give the air of celebration to their home.

If it is not yet the effervescence of the month of December, sales will be able to begin and boost the morale of passers-by and florists.

This one, weighed down by the health situation linked to the coronavirus, takes on a few colors at the sight of green firs as Europe 1 has seen in Paris.

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Boost people's morale

Passing in front of a shop that offers them in the street, Annick, a Parisian retiree, stops and looks at the prices.

"You need a tree. It's festive, especially in the current context, essential", considers this passer-by who will not buy her tree today.

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Indeed, it is still early in the season for florists.

As Jennifer explains, "normally, we start the Christmas tree season from the first Sunday of Advent. But this year, we started a week before."

She sees it as a way to break the ambient gloom, "given the crisis, given the morale of the people we were allowed, so why not?"

Buying a Christmas tree is also offering yourself a healthy breath.

Christmas, the third sales peak of the year for florists

After a difficult year, especially for florists, the sale of these trees is essential.

Because beyond the magic of the holidays, there is also a commercial argument.

"The Christmas tree is very important for the enjoyment of children and for the economy as well", considers Ida, who has installed dozens of trees in front of her shop.

Indeed, for most florists, Christmas represents the third peak of sales of the year, after Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.


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"We are in contact with a clientele which does not pass until then. It is true that to lose it, that would be a shame. And then, in addition, that remains a significant turnover. is at least 30% ", affirms Jane in front of her window, very decorated for the occasion.