Mobile phone charges "The problem is that there is no new plan for the main brand" Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda November 20, 11:59

Regarding the reduction of mobile phone charges, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda pointed out that it is a "problem" that major mobile phone companies have not announced new rate plans under their main brands, and users realize that the charges have decreased. He realized that it was necessary to be able to do it.

In response to the government's request to reduce mobile phone charges, KDDI and Softbank announced a new rate plan last month under a different brand instead of the main brand.

Regarding this, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda said at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting, "Although the announcement of cheap plans by sub-brands has increased the options, the main brand contracted by many users has announced a completely new plan. The problem is that it hasn't been done. I don't know if the analogy of sheep-headed dogmeat is appropriate, but it's too unfriendly. "

On top of that, "When considering the burden on households due to the corona sickness, there is no point in not being able to realize that mobile phone charges have fallen. If that isn't the case, we're preparing to go further into an'action plan'. "

In addition, Minister Takeda said, "I would like all users to re-examine the actual situation of their mobile phone charges and make efforts to reduce their mobile phone charges by consulting with various people." I did.