• Events: A supermarket employee was arrested for the murder of a man in Velilla de San Antonio

  • Events Ivan received a fatal beating for a fight unleashed when retouching a painting directed at his former partner

The Civil Guard arrested Alberto J. C, alias


, 25, accused of killing Iván Vaquero Sanz, 39, last Friday

in Velilla de San Antonio


The alleged murderer was

arrested at the AhorraMas de Velilla logistics center, where he works as a stockman in the warehouse.

It is suspected that the arrested person is the material author of Ivan's death and that he is the person who hit him several times on the head causing the clot in the brain that caused his death.


The agents of the Judicial Police team of the Rivas Vaciamadrid barracks continue with the investigations, since

They suspect that minors are tangentially implicated in the deadly brawl that cost Iván's life.

Alberto is a specialist in martial arts and those close to him say that he regularly gets into fights.

It was not the first time he had argued with Ivan and threatened him.

"If this boy is violent," admitted one of his neighbors while the civil guards searched his house on the street of Frascuelo de Velilla on Tuesday night in the presence of the murderer himself.

Canine guides specialized in biological remains participated in the search of the floor.

The agents came out with several boxes of clothes.

They were looking for evidence that could


even more so with murder.

Specifically, they tried to find the clothing that the detainee was wearing last Friday when he committed the alleged crime.Hours earlier at the Rivas Civil Guard headquarters there were moments of great tension when the detainee was asked to voluntarily give his DNA to check it against the evidence found on Ivan's body.

Research sources pointed out that

the young detainee refused at first to provide his genetic profile, although he finally agreed to do so.

Also the agents

they were examining their fists

in case he had some type of wound compatible with those suffered by the mortal victim in the head.

In addition, his mobile phone was seized to try to follow his geolocation, which could place him at the crime scene last Friday night.According to the first inquiries, Iván Vaquero, the deceased, was in front of a graffiti that had previously made on a wall in the street of Frascuelo.

The graffiti was directed at his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had recently broken up.

Days ago he drew the words "NO LONGER TQMT" on the façade and what he did last Friday was put a "YES" in front of the "TQMT". Sources close to the case say that Iván rebuked several boys whom he accused of snitching to the Police for having done the painting days before.

"Because of you the Municipal Police have reported me," he told them.

Supposedly, the murdered man was fined by the agents for some of the messages to his ex-girlfriend that he made days ago.

There are other people who say that Iván was upset with the boys because they made a scribble on his graffiti, the fact is that last Friday night Alberto, the alleged murderer arrested, saw the commotion in the street and approached because he lives opposite to the place where Ivan was next to the graffiti.


Alberto got into the fight against Iván, since both had been involved on other occasions because of their respective dogs.

The detainee yelled at Ivan and he answered him.

Alberto then punched him several times on the head.

Ivan was left lying between two cars, although conscious, and all those involved in the fight and the attack fled.

Now it remains to be determined what the rest of the minors who were in the place did.

Did they leave without intervening in the fight or did they participate in the events and hit Ivan?


That question is the one that the agents who continue with the investigations and interrogations try to solve to see the degree of involvement of these boys in the deadly assault.

The rumor circulated among the neighbors yesterday that there is a short filming of a mobile that could be conclusive against a minor. Several pedestrians alerted 112 to the tragedy, who activated Summa, the Local Police, Civil Guard and Protection Civil of the municipality, according to sources of Emergencies 112 Community of Madrid.

The victim had bruises on the cheekbone, eyes and parietal area.

He suffered a clot in his brain and was in a coma for two days.

He died last Sunday.

Violent momentum

In the municipality, some boys assure that the alleged murderer had gotten into several fights due to his violent impetus.

"He has hit on several people on occasion, but I never saw him do what he did to that boy," said a man who knows Alberto from what his son tells him.

«The detainee is a bit vehement and everyone knows him as


"According to another minor. Other young people from Velilla commented that Alberto is a specialist in a martial art called

muay thai

, a kind of boxing.

"He practices that skill in a gym and the truth is that he is very strong and always boasted that it was a martial art that was not extreme," said another young man from Velilla yesterday.

One girl had a different opinion: "He's a very nice boy and I've never seen him get into trouble." Alberto has the name of Pilar, his mother, tattooed on his arm.

His mother also works with her son in the AhorraMas de Velilla logistics center.

The parents moved yesterday morning to the Rivas Civil Guard barracks.

Pilar did not stop crying and lamenting over what happened.

The agents tried to reassure her and indicated that they would proceed to search the house during the afternoon with the corresponding judicial authorization. At the AhorraMas center, workers were perplexed by her arrest.

“They came first thing in the morning and they arrested him here in front of us.

He was very calm and he told us that nothing was happening, "said a colleague from the warehouse. The news of the arrest of Iván's alleged murderer

has reassured many neighbors who accused a group of minors of participating in the crime

and who have protested over the weekend about the insecurity generated by this gang.

Some of these boys have received death threats these days in their homes and in the local institute. The brother of the deceased thanked the Velilla neighborhood group for the "support received by the entire town."

"Iván's family continue to ask for prudence.

Let the Civil Guard do their job and continue to trust them, "he wrote.

"Let us not spread hoaxes or threats of harassment of any kind towards any family of people who we may believe guilty. Because the only culprits will be judged by the Justice and assured you that I am the first one who wishes that the person responsible for the death of my brother falls everything. the weight of the law. Let us show that we are the people we boast of, a people of peace and tranquility, that will be the best way to show the education and respect we are asking for and to pay tribute to my brother. "

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