Letter to UN Secretary-General G20 Leaders “Insufficient Funding in Corona Additional Contributions” November 18, 12:59

UN Secretary-General António Guterres sent a letter to the leaders of the participating countries ahead of the G20 Summit = the summit of the 20 major countries, in order to create a system to distribute therapeutic drugs and vaccines for the new coronavirus to developing countries. He called for additional contributions, saying that the Japanese yen was short of nearly 3 trillion yen.

This year's G20 Summit is scheduled to be held in the form of a video conference for two days from the 21st of this month, and UN Secretary-General António Guterres released a letter sent to the leaders of each country on the 17th.

Among them, Secretary-General António Guterres said last month that the G20 countries will postpone the repayment of debt by the end of the year for half a year in order to support developing countries whose financial situation is becoming difficult due to the influence of the new coronavirus. He welcomed the agreement to extend it for a while, and acknowledged that further financial relief was needed, saying that "bolder measures are needed to prevent developing countries from falling into a long-term recession." Shown.

In addition, under WHO = World Health Organization, in order to create an international cooperation system aiming at the spread of treatment methods for new viruses and the fair distribution of vaccines, "28 billion dollars, more than 2.9 trillion yen in Japanese yen" Is in short supply, "he called on each country to make additional contributions.