The second part of “Generation hate”, an investigation by AL-Jazeera (screenshot).



Was the assault on a young girl racist?

The question will arise during the trial of three identity activists which is held this Tuesday at the Lille court (North).

Questioned by an Al Jazeera report on the ultra-right Lille movement, the three men must be tried for an assault against a teenage girl.

Two of them must also respond respectively to direct provocation to an act of terrorism, and appeal to hatred.

Rémi F., 32, faces the heaviest sentence, five years in prison, for having mentioned a ram car attack on the market in the popular district of Wazemmes.

Remarks filmed in hidden camera, held "in a state of intoxication", according to his lawyer, Me Eric Cattelin-Denu, also RN candidate in Lille in the last municipal elections.

Hi nazi

Etienne V., 26, will be tried by the Lille Criminal Court for "public provocation to hatred or violence" in particular for having made a Nazi salute and toasted the Third Reich.

With the last defendant, Guillaume D., 31, they will also appear, under judicial supervision, for "violence in meetings" for the assault of a 14-year-old teenager, designated as Maghrebian, in January 2018.

Hidden camera report

The first part of the documentary of the Qatari channel showed this young girl pushed by a man then punched by another, at night, in a lively district of Lille, in the presence of a third person.

The prosecution opened an investigation in December, after the broadcast of the report entitled "Generation Hate".

Filmed in a hidden camera, customers make racist remarks there, in particular in the premises of the private bar La Citadelle, whose president, Aurélien Verhassel, presents himself as the regional representative of the ultra-right group Generation Identity.


Four arrests as part of the investigation into the identity bar La Citadelle


The Lille bar of identity "La Citadelle" at the heart of an Al Jazeera investigation

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