China News Service, November 16th. According to the US "World Journal" report, although many Chinese restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles, California have used outdoor dining to make a living, it is difficult for other restaurants to achieve outdoor dining.

Some are due to the relationship between the venues, some cannot be achieved by the strict regulations of the city government, and others feel that the acceptance of outdoor dining is limited, and it has been delayed to launch.

  A Chinese restaurant in Rossmey originally wanted to spend $20,000 to ask a tent company to set up a tent, but due to the cumbersome and strict regulations of the city government, it was not approved.

The restaurant owner, Mr. Hu, said that the epidemic has had a great impact on the restaurant’s business. No matter how prosperous the takeaway food is, it will not be able to make up for the loss of the restaurant. What's more, the takeaway platform still has to take 30%, which is simply not enough.

The parking lot where the restaurant is located is big enough. I originally wanted to build a tent to look good and keep it warm. However, the city government lacked flexibility and ultimately did not approve it, which made him want to open it outdoors.

It can only be said that different municipalities have different regulations and there is no way to unify the standards.

  Some restaurants cannot be used as outdoor restaurants due to limited space. The Chinese restaurant owner Mr. Li's restaurant is close to the road and has limited space to provide outdoor dining.

He said that the epidemic is a turning point for some people. Some hot pot restaurants do outdoor business three times better than before the epidemic, but it is a crisis for some people. For example, his restaurant is small and there is no place for outdoor dining at all.

  Outdoor dining also needs to gather popularity. Chinese catering business Lu Qiang has recently set up tents in two restaurants in Arcadia and Hacienda.

He said that he had previously opened outdoor dining and it was not ideal. This time he switched to a tent. Each tent rents for 40 dollars a day. There are some guests coming, but not as many as imagined.

There are 6 tables in each tent, and it is difficult to fill it now.

For example, if a restaurant is in a shopping mall, and other outdoor restaurants open together to drive each other, there will be more lively outdoor dining atmosphere.

  If you are alone, the outdoor dining lacks atmosphere and it is difficult to gather popularity.

Now that the epidemic is over indefinitely, the government should actually consider limiting openings, such as 20% to 25% of indoor openings, adding protective measures and protective measures. It is too unbearable for businesses to not open indoors across the board.

  The acceptance of outdoor by Chinese guests is also a problem faced by catering industry.

Industry operator Ms. Lin said that outdoors are usually open in the parking lot, but the parking lot is busy and exhaust dust will affect the dining experience.

Even if it is a tent, you can see through it at a glance. Some decent or privacy-conscious guests don't like others to see him eating or hearing him talk.

In some Chinese concepts, the outdoors are all roadside stalls and they are not standard enough, and this concept cannot be changed in a short time.

(Zhang Hong)