• Government Pedro Sánchez, received with boos on his arrival in Pamplona after Bildu's support for the Budgets

  • State accounts Pedro Sánchez rewards Bildu with the star measures of his labor policy


has become the testing laboratory for the pacts of the Socialists with Bildu, at the forefront of Pedro Sánchez's agreement with Arnaldo Otegi.

The president, Maria Chivite, agreed last year its first EH Bildu budgets and is about to close the deal to move forward with

the 2021 accounts with the support of new coalition



An agreement that only has "a few fringes" left and that could be announced in the next few hours.

Maybe that's why it's not

coincidentally, the Prime Minister closed yesterday with a

visit to Navarra

and a meeting with María Chivite the week in which her harmony with Bildu and the

Otegi ad

that he will give a yes to the Spanish accounts for the first time in the history of the left


In front of


received by Pedro Sánchez from some of the barons of his own party due to the possible agreement with Bildu, the socialist Chivite presents the materialization of the pact and the result, satisfactory in terms of stability, of a year ruling hand in hand with the party Arnaldo Otegi If the option of seeking an agreement with Bildu or with


To approve the Budgets, María Chivite has also had on the table in the budget negotiation various proposals for

Navarra Sum

to have the community accounts approved without having to agree with Bildu.

It seems to no avail, as the balance tips again towards the coalition



"Navarra Suma has not managed to condition the negotiation and this is good news for Navarre society," the spokesperson for EH Bidu in the Navarre Regional Parliament said on Thursday.

Bakartxo Ruiz

, anticipating the result. The spokesperson for Navarra Suma,

Javier Esparza

, has argued time and again that his hand has been "stretched out" to reach the agreement.

In fact, he proposed to María Chivite the abstention of his group from the 2021 Budgets in exchange for the president not agreeing with EH Bildu.

This abstention by Navarra Suma would be enough for the accounts of the Navarrese Government to go ahead with the votes in favor of the groups supported by the Executive:

PSN, Geroa Bai, Podemos- Left Ezkerra


"The cotton test"

Despite Chivite's rejection of what he considered "crossed vetoes" in the negotiation, Esparza maintained his abstention proposal and even offered to vote


to the accounts if a negotiation of the budgets "item by item" was carried out and some of their proposals were included.

Of course, always under the condition that the agreement would leave Bildu out. "We have even offered to allow them to carry out the accounts and a stability for the entire legislature," says Javier Esparza, president of UPN and spokesman for Navarra Suma. Last year Chivite justified its agreement with EH Bildu in that the pact was necessary to carry out the Budgets given the refusal of the right to allow its approval.

"This year we have reached out to them in exchange for not agreeing with Bildu", "If they agree with Bildu again, it will be the cotton proof that if they agree with Otegi it is because they want to", Esparza ditch.

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