The new Nantes station, November 12, 2020 -

F. Brenon / 20 Minutes

We will finally be able to discover it from the inside.

With almost a year late, the huge mezzanine, the centerpiece of the new Nantes station, must indeed open to the public next Friday, confirms the SNCF.

Despite the new confinement and an inauguration which promises to be much less festive than expected, this date has been maintained while the site, interrupted during the first confinement, is now completed. 

Accessible via escalators located at the north and south entrances, but also via the platforms, this 160-meter-long aerial street above the tracks is supported by imposing pillars shaped like tree trunks.

"In an airport atmosphere", which will contrast with the current underground, it will offer waiting areas and pedestrian traffic for travelers but also about fifteen shops (Vincent Guerlais, Starbucks, Big Fernand, Fnac ... ).

These should all remain closed initially, again due to containment.

Four years of work on the south side

A new stage in the major renovation project of the station and its surroundings (for 123 million euros) launched in 2017, which began with the rehabilitation of the north square.

As for the south side, it "will begin its transformation in spring 2021 for four years of work", indicates the site of Nantes Métropole.


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