The president of Navarra, María Chivite, has announced a budget agreement with EH Bildu hours after Pedro Sánchez's visit to Pamplona.

The second

budget pact

of the Socialist legislature

reinforces the alliance of the Socialists with EH Bildu,

who first guaranteed the investiture of Chivite and is already the parliamentary ally with which it compensates its minority in the Provincial Chamber.

Navarra Suma (the alliance of UPN, PP and C's) came to offer their votes to Chivite to approve its Budgets with the sole condition that it did not negotiate with Arnaldo Otegi's party.

The Government of Navarra has made public its definitive agreement with EH Bildu and it will be the spokespersons of this coalition who will provide the details of the agreement from 11.30 am.

The commitment guarantees Chivite its second Legislature Budgets and is based on "shared priorities" between the Chivite Executive and EH Bildu.

The general lines advanced by the Chivite team allude to the importance of

facing the socio-economic crisis

generated by Covid-19 "in social terms and without leaving anyone behind" and that will involve a reinforcement of social areas by taking advantage of

the increase in resources

with the new spending ceiling for 2021 authorized by the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

In addition, it refers to the need to

"prioritize infrastructure resources

based on people's needs" although the partners will have to clarify how it affects commitments such as the High Speed ​​Train (TAV) that, in theory, the Government of Chivite supports while EH Bildu maintains a firm opposition.

In addition, Chivite agrees to start working to

increase the tax burden

with a reform that would be activated once the current Covid-19 crisis is "overcome".

The pact will allow Chivite to guarantee its 2021 Budgets with the abstention of EH Bildu in the debate of the amendments to the whole.

Sánchez, who yesterday was received by the provincial government in Pamplona with whistles, learned first-hand about Chivite's intentions and the state of the negotiations.

The PSOE of Navarra, which governs together with Geroa Bai and Podemos Navarra, did not need the support of EH Bildu to approve these Budgets.

The president of UPN and spokesman for Navarra Suma, Javier Esparza, announced in his first meeting with Chivite to negotiate this budget that he would facilitate the project of the regional government with the sole condition that it was not negotiated with the 'nationalist' coalition.

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