New Corona "Flexible support according to infection status and business performance" Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato November 13, 19:11

As the infection of the new coronavirus continues to spread, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato expressed his intention to flexibly support businesses and workers according to the infection situation and corporate performance at the government's Growth Strategy Conference.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato and Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura attended the government's Growth Strategy Conference held at the Prime Minister's Office.

In this, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said, "It is necessary to deal with the infection situation of the new coronavirus with the utmost caution. Depending on the situation in the area where the infection is spreading and the performance of the company, the business operator and the company We will provide flexible support to workers. "

On that basis, he emphasized the idea of ​​improving the environment in which employees can be seconded while still in office and strengthening vocational training, in order to support the smooth movement of the labor force while maintaining employment.

"Through the era of With Corona, new work styles are spreading, and we will clarify employment rules for teleworking and develop rules that allow freelancers to work with peace of mind."