"TikTok" Business in the US Allows extension of sale deadline Trump administration November 14, 8:41

Regarding the US business of the video sharing application "TikTok", the Trump administration has approved to extend the deadline for sale by 15 days, which was until the 12th of this month.

Since the company wanted an extension of 30 days, the focus will be on being able to conclude the negotiations within the new deadline.

About "TikTok" The Trump administration will sell its business in the United States to the Chinese IT company ByteDance, which operates it, by the 12th of this month, saying that the personal information of users may be misused by the Chinese government. I ordered.

The company requested that the deadline be extended by 30 days because negotiations with the parties concerned would require more time, but on the 13th, the company submitted documents to a court in the capital Washington and the Trump administration announced the deadline for sale. It was revealed that it was allowed to extend for 15 days.

The new deadline is 27th of this month.

Regarding the US business of "TikTok", ByteDance has agreed with the US software giant Oracle and others to establish a new company and has submitted it to the authorities.

However, there is a history of differences in perceptions between ByteDance and Oracle over the control of the new company, and the focus will be on whether negotiations can be concluded within the new deadline.