He stressed that the Kingdom was able in a short period of time to achieve unprecedented achievements

Saudi Crown Prince: The anti-corruption campaign amounted to 247 billion riyals in 3 years

The Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, confirmed that the Kingdom was able in a short and fast period to achieve unprecedented achievements in its contemporary history, in less than four years only, and stressed that "Saudi Arabia is one of the largest and most important economies in the world."

He said that the Kingdom is seriously seeking to work to double the size and diversification of the economy.

He added, "We have achieved rapid growth in the past three years," noting that the non-oil GDP is the main indicator of the success of our economic plans.

While expressing optimism for an acceleration of growth with the end of the Corona pandemic, he said that Saudi Arabia is one of the top 10 countries in the G20 in dealing with the consequences of Corona.

And the Saudi crown prince added, "Saudi Arabia has achieved first place in digital competitiveness at the level of the G20."

In addition, he said that increasing employment rates is one of the government's priorities, indicating that the government's programs and policies will reduce unemployment at 7% before 2030.

He stressed that the government has undertaken a wide restructuring to boost non-oil revenues.

On the other hand, Prince Muhammad bin Salman stated that corruption consumed between 5 to 15% of the state budget, saying: “Corruption has spread in Saudi Arabia during the past decades like cancer.”

He revealed that "the anti-corruption campaign has reached 247 billion riyals within 3 years."

Regarding the sovereign fund, he said: "The Public Investment Fund contributed to the development of the economy."

Prince Mohammed bin Salman noted the Kingdom’s efforts to combat the scourge of terrorism and extremism, saying: “The phenomenon of extremism among us was rampant, and we have reached a stage where we aim, in the best case, to coexist with this scourge.

Eliminating it was not an option.

No control over it is possible ».

He added: “I made promises in 2017 that we will eliminate extremism immediately, and we have actually started a serious campaign to address the causes and address the phenomena.

Within one year, we were able to put an end to an ideological project that had been made for 40 years.

Today, extremism is no longer accepted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it no longer appears on the surface. Rather, it has become rejected, disguised and alienated.

However, we will continue to face any extremist appearances, behaviors and ideas.

The Saudis have proven their true tolerance and their rejection of these ideas, which were foreign to them, who disguised the cloak of religion, and will never allow it to exist among them again. ”

He added that “hate speech is the main motive for extremist recruitment, and that this includes hate speech that uses freedom of expression and human rights as an excuse.”

This kind of rhetoric attracts hate speech from extremists, and is, of course, unacceptable.

The Kingdom condemns and rejects every terrorist act or practices and actions that generate hatred and violence and is committed to confronting extremist rhetoric. Safe and kill them unlawfully.

And we threaten all those who beg themselves to carry out a terrorist act and to exploit hate speech with a deterrent, painful and very severe punishment.

We hope that the world will stop contemptuous of religions and attacking religious and national symbols under the slogan of freedom of expression, because this will create a fertile environment for extremism and terrorism.

And he stressed that "our work today has become preemptive, and we will continue to strike with an iron fist against anyone who tries to harm our security and stability."

On the other hand, Prince Mohammed bin Salman affirmed that “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a quantum leap in new and promising sectors due to the unique cultural heritage and geographic and demographic diversity that the Kingdom possesses that allow the Kingdom to be among the largest countries in the sectors of tourism, culture, sports, entertainment and others.” .

Prince Mohammed bin Salman referred to the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the file of rights, noting that "Saudi women are living today in an unprecedented stage of empowerment."

He continued: “With regard to the rights of expatriates, we have taken various measures to restructure the contractual relationship in a way that preserves their rights and contributes to raising the degree of maturity in the labor market. An initiative to improve the contractual relationship has been launched to give the expatriate worker more freedom of career mobility.”

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