Australian Prime Minister Announces Visit to Japan Next Week to Strengthen Cooperation Focusing on Economic Fields November 12, 14:12

Australia's Prime Minister Morrison has announced that he will visit Japan next week to hold a summit meeting with Prime Minister Suga, and hopes to strengthen cooperation with Japan, especially in the economic field, as relations with China cool. is.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison announced on the 12th that he will visit Japan for two days from 17th this month and hold a summit meeting with Prime Minister Suga.

Prime Minister Morrison is expected to be the first foreign leader to visit Japan after the inauguration of the Kan administration, and would like to discuss the resumption of traffic between the two countries and economic cooperation, which are restricted by the effects of the new coronavirus.

At a press conference, Prime Minister Morrison said, "Relationships with Japan have been strengthened in recent years, and we are working closely in the fields of trade, security and defense." This visit to Japan will strengthen relations between the two countries. I emphasized the idea of ​​connecting to Japan.

Australia's largest trading partner is China, but China strongly opposes it, as Prime Minister Morrison said he needed an independent investigation into the source of the new coronavirus. , Restricting some imports from Australia, etc., the conflict with China is intensifying.

Australia wants to strengthen its ties with Japan, especially in the economic field, as relations with China cool down.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato "Expectations for further deepening partnership"

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said at a press conference in the morning, "The two countries are special strategic partners who share basic values ​​and strategic interests. We hope that Prime Minister Morrison's visit to Japan will further deepen the special strategic partnership. I have. "

In addition, regarding the summit meeting, "The direction of further strengthening of special strategic partnerships will be discussed, centering on cooperation in the political security field and cooperation in the economic field, and the realization of a free and open Indo-Pacific will be achieved. There are plans to confirm close cooperation towards this, and of course, security and defense cooperation will be discussed. "

This is the first time that Prime Minister Suga has met with foreign leaders in Japan since he took office in September.