Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar affirmed his country's readiness to dispel the technical concerns of the United States regarding the compatibility of the Russian defense system, "S400" with the American "F-35" fighters, reiterating his country's proposal to form a joint working group with Washington About this issue.

Akar added, in a speech delivered to Parliament during the discussion of his ministry's budget for 2021, that Turkey's purchase of the Russian "S-400" system is not an option but a necessity to preserve the security, safety, stability and sovereignty of the country, stressing that Turkey is not just a country that buys F-35 fighters It is a partner in its industry.

Akar said that Ankara continues to equip and test the "S-400" system, which he said "will be used in the same way that the" S300 "system is used in some other NATO countries.

Ankara has repeatedly complained that it was the United States' refusal to sell Patriot missiles to it that prompted it to search for other vendors.

Observers believe that the US President-elect Joe Biden is expected to be tougher with Turkey than President Donald Trump, especially with regard to Ankara's foreign and defense policies.

Biden may support congressional efforts to punish Turkey for its purchase of the Russian missile system.

Washington says that the use of "S-400" systems may endanger the defense systems of NATO, while Ankara says that the system will not be integrated into the systems of the alliance, and will not pose any threat.

Relations between the two countries, which are members of NATO, were severely strained last year, when Ankara acquired an advanced Russian air defense system, which prompted Washington to remove Turkey from its F-35 program.