From Monday to Friday in Media Culture, Eva Roque gives you her TV tips for the evening.

This Thursday, she recommends four programs with a common theme, that of the slap.

According to her, you have to watch the series "La slap" on, the film "Connected" on Amazon Prime Video, "La Gaule d'Antoine" on Canal + at 9:05 pm and, at the same time on W9, dance with " The arnacoeur ".

What are the programs not to miss and what is the theme of the day?

The slap, the torgnole, the one you don't see happening.

On, it's a slap at the heart of a formidable Australian series called "La slap".

A birthday party, that of Hector 40 years.

Everyone is in the garden: family, friends, children.

And since the morning, we feel some tensions between the different characters.

These ordinary little tensions like a kind of pressure cooker.

Until the explosion, until one of the kids, super painful, takes a cricket bat and tries to hit the other children.

The slap of one of the fathers anger the parents of the little boy and destabilizes all these little people.

Each episode is then the point of view of one of the characters.

It deals with family ties, loyalty and infidelity, education, racism, social conditions.

Same atmosphere in the movie "Connected" on Amazon Prime Video.

Or how a virtual aperitif turns into a drama.

Yet at the beginning, we were smiling.

One of the guests played by Stéphane de Groodt arrives and groans.

He almost gets a good slap by his wife a few minutes later.

We smile before feeling some heart palpitations due to the intrusion of a stranger in this conversation by interposed screen.

Antoine de Caunes also takes a slap tonight on Canal +.

New number of his very funny show "La Gaule d'Antoine" and departure for Normandy, the region of France he loves the most.

We also find Colette there.

The one he kissed for the first time in his life.

Well, the lady is still very old.

And it looks more like a scene from Groland than a real story.

If you want to laugh and discover amazing characters, watch this Norman road movie.

A remedy for gloom.

Another antidepressant on W9 with still slaps and tensions between couples but what happiness.

Romain Duris, Vanessa Paradis, François Damiens and Julie Ferrier for the brilliant comedy by Pascal Chaumeil, "L'Arnacoeur".

A tip: if you have relationship problems, forget about the Romain Duris solution.

The dense program of this Thursday evening:

- The series "La slap" on

- The movie "Connected" on Amazon Prime Video

- "La Gaule d'Antoine" on Canal + at 9:05 pm

- and at the same time on W9 dance with "L'arnacoeur"