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11 November 2020 Participants in the

Libyan political dialogue forum in Tunisia

have agreed on a roadmap for the unification of public authorities in the country.

This was announced by

Stephanie Williams

, interim special representative of the


Secretary General

 (UNSMIL) for Libya.

"Progress has been made during the Libyan political dialogue forum in Tunisia," Williams told a press conference.

The forum, held under the auspices of the United Nations support mission in Libya, is attended by 75 delegates from various sectors of Libyan society The talks, which began on Monday, are taking place in the tourist resort of


, on the outskirts of the Tunisian capital.

Participants in the political dialogue agreed on a roadmap to unite the governing bodies and agreed to hold elections no later than 18 months after the transition period began, Williams said in a press conference broadcast by Arab satellite TV channels.

According to the UN program, the political dialogue forum should be completed by November 16 with the selection of the members of the new presidential council and the Libyan government.

The council will consist of a leader and two deputies.

Each of the councilors will represent one of the three historical regions of Libya:

Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan


The head of the government and his two deputies will also represent several regions. 

The Tunis appointment follows last month's ceasefire between the two parties fighting each other in Libya: the Government of National Accord led by

Fayez Al Serraj

based in Tripoli, recognized by international institutions, and the Libyan National Army, which prevails in Cyrenaica, under the leadership of General

Khalifa Haftar.