South Korea "flying taxi" test flight released 2025 Aiming to start November 11, 17:12


A test flight of a so-called "flying taxi" that moves in the sky like a drone has been released in South Korea.

The Korean government plans to support the start of commercial services in 2025 as a whole country.

"Flying taxi" is a next-generation transportation service that uses a small aircraft to rotate the propeller with a motor to take off and land vertically like a drone and move in the sky, and is expected to eliminate traffic congestion. It has been.

In Seoul, South Korea, the government and the city of Seoul jointly conducted a test flight on the 11th and disclosed the situation to the press.

The two-seater aircraft manufactured by a Chinese venture company slowly climbed to a height of about 50 meters, then swirled over the sky at a speed of about 50 km / h, and successfully completed the flight for about 10 minutes.

In South Korea, Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. is developing an aircraft for "flying taxis" in cooperation with Uber, a major ride-sharing company in the United States.

The Korean government is aiming to start commercial services in 2025, and in the future, in addition to supporting the research and development of each company nationwide, it will focus on creating systems such as air traffic control.