Click> The last search term is'Luxury bags cost 20,000 won?'

If the price of a luxury bag is in the range of 2 or 30,000 won, it seems that it will be sold in no time without anyone who will not buy it.

Last dawn, bags of this price actually appeared on the homepage of the luxury brand Prada.

Leather bags are 27,000 won and shoes are 11,000 won.

People who stumbled upon this in the early morning hours actually paid for these items.

Payment verification photos are sometimes uploaded on social media, and the Prada homepage is still not accessible.

However, according to the position presented by Prada on the afternoon of today (11th), it was not really cheap, it was an error.

Due to a problem with the homepage system, the price has risen incorrectly, and for products that have already been paid for, the purchase will be canceled according to the terms and conditions.

Netizens responded, "It's too wasteful if you get a refund like this! Give me a half-price coupon!"

(Screen source: Prada homepage)