Discussions on issues such as the South China Sea, which will begin today at the ASEAN Summit, etc. November 12, 4:39

A series of summit meetings involving the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and Japan and China will begin on the 12th, and opinions are expected to be exchanged on issues such as the South China Sea, where China is intensifying its marine expansion.

A series of four-day meetings from the 12th to the 15th will be held online due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

On the 12th of the first day, a summit meeting of 10 ASEAN countries will be held to exchange opinions on issues such as the South China Sea, where China is intensifying its marine expansion.

On the 14th, the East Asia Summit, in which 18 countries including Japan, China and the United States will participate, is expected to discuss North Korea's nuclear and missile development issues.

Prime Minister Suga and Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang will attend the meeting.

However, according to ASEAN officials, attendees from the United States, where the presidential election was held on November 3, are still being adjusted.

In a series of conferences, it is customary for the United States and China to engage in fierce exchanges over security issues in an attempt to capture ASEAN countries, but this time, what is the situation in the United States after the presidential election? It will be noticed whether it will affect it.

Proposals for the realization of the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific" concept

Prior to the start of a series of conferences, a study group made up of domestic experts proposed to the Japanese government how to proceed with international cooperation toward the realization of Japan's "free and open Indo-Pacific" concept.

This proposal was compiled in October by a study group made up of experts such as the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies and Keidanren.

Among them, he pointed out that it is important to obtain the support of ASEAN countries in the center of the Indo-Pacific region in order to realize the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific" concept, and ASEAN itself has security and security. He said that cooperation should be promoted to enhance the synergistic effect with ASEAN's unique concept of playing a central role in the economic field.

In October, Japan, the United States, Australia, and India agreed to regularize foreign ministers' meetings of the four countries, but they upgraded this to the summit level, and in the future, they will share freedom and democracy. Participation in countries such as the United Kingdom and France, which have values, should also be considered.

Meanwhile, China is rapidly expanding its arms race in the region, calling for the establishment of a disarmament and arms control framework in which the United States, China, and Russia participate.

Yutaka Iimura, a former ambassador to Indonesia and a visiting professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, who was involved in making this proposal, said, "This region is a very important engine of economic growth, and security, politics, and economic stability are important. The concept of this region in each country, including Japan, only shows the basic idea, so we must enter the stage of making a concrete plan. "

Indonesian Foreign Minister Willingness to Strengthen Cooperation with Japan

Prior to the series of meetings, Indonesian Foreign Minister Lutono responded to NHK's independent interview, stating that the main themes of this meeting will be measures against the new coronavirus, economic recovery, and cooperation for regional stability. He showed his willingness to strengthen cooperation with Japan.

Regarding measures against new viruses and economic measures, Foreign Minister Lutono said, "Japan is an important and traditional partner country for ASEAN, and I would like to ask for quicker and more in-depth cooperation. It means if efforts are delayed amid rapid changes in the world. We will not do this, "he said, and expressed his intention to ask Japan for cooperation, such as by relaxing traffic restrictions.

Regarding RCEP = East Asia Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which is nearing the end of negotiations, he said, "RCEP will be the first and largest economic integration in the region. Economic integration will be an important message while the infection is spreading." , Showed expectations for an agreement.

On the other hand, regarding cooperation for the stability of the Indo-Pacific region, Japan has set forth the realization of the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific" concept, and Indonesia has its own ASEAN, which plays a central role in security. The concept was proposed and adopted by ASEAN.

Based on this, Foreign Minister Lutono said, "The concept of ASEAN and Japan has a common purpose of maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. We would like to strengthen cooperation as much as possible." Showed motivation to strengthen.