11 candidates were recommended for the first high-ranking officials criminal investigation chief, that is, the head of the airlift.

The Democratic Party recommended a former judge and a prosecutor for the power of the people, but ahead of the second meeting this Friday, a full-fledged nervous war between the opposition parties began.

Reporter Kim Yong-tae delivers.

<Reporter> There

are 11 candidates to be the first chief of public transport.

The ruling Democratic Party recommended lawyers Kwon Dong-ju and Jeon Jong-min, respectively, and were former judges who went through the Seoul High Court and Seoul Administrative Court, respectively.

In particular, the former lawyer served as the proxy for the prosecution committee in the last judgment on the impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye.

On the other hand, the People's Power side recommended four people, all of whom were from high-ranking prosecutors.

Four people were recommended, including lawyer Kim Gyeong-soo, former prosecutor, Kang Chan-woo, Seok Dong-hyun, and Son Ki-ho.

The Korean Bar Association recommended three people: Kim Jin-wook, a former judge, senior researcher at the Constitutional Court, Lee Kun-ri, vice chairman of the National Rights Commission of Korea, and Han Myung-gwan, a lawyer who was a former prosecutor.

The Ministry of Justice recommended Jeon Hyun-jung, a former judge, and the Court Administration, recommended lawyer Choi Un-sik, a former prosecutor, and out of the 11 candidates, four were judges and seven were prosecutors.

Democratic Party chief spokeswoman Choi In-ho said that many of the 11 candidates were recognized for their proficiency and evaluated that the possibility of holding a personnel hearing in November was increased.

Attorney Seok Dong-Hyun, recommended by the People's Power, personally accepted and revealed the candidate's position, with the intention that although the airlift is a monster institution that cannot be born, as long as it exists realistically, it will not be blamed.