A line 2 tram in Nantes.


F. Brenon / 20Minutes

The management of Semitan speaks of a decision aimed at "showing its support for employees confronted with the incivilities observed on the network".

The day after the assault on a female driver in Nantes by an armed man who was not wearing a mask, the Nantes public transport network will be at a standstill from 10 p.m. this Monday evening, the management has just announced. . 

"The last departures in correspondence will be at 22h from Commerce", indicates TAN.

No big change for the buses since their traffic stopped around 10:30 pm since the reconfinement.

Incivilities on the rise

According to the CFDT, the management of Semitan has also decided to deploy more human resources in the trains in the coming days.

According to the union and several agents, incivility has increased in recent weeks in public transport in Nantes, and often in connection with the obligation to wear a mask.


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