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The Valencian company Igenomix has been a pioneer in the search for solutions for the detection of Covid-19.

Two weeks ago they launched in their laboratories, located in Paterna,

a PCR test that is carried out with a saliva sample


"We started doing PCR and we realized the limitations they have for patients. A variation was made to see if PCR could be done with saliva. Thus, the sample can be taken individually. test at home, the sample is deposited and the tube is sent to the laboratory. The main advantage is that you do not have to move from home to do it, but you do have to wait for the result the next day, in the end it is a diagnostic test ", explains Gonzalo Echavarría , director of marketing of the company.

"It also offers another advantage, which is that it is

less invasive than the PCR that is performed with the swab

. If it is a person who for work reasons has to undergo many tests, this is more comfortable."

The company directed by David Jiménez, CEO of Igenomix, is at the forefront in assisted reproduction and now also in the diagnosis of Covid-19.

They have a presence in 23 countries and have 500 employees.

At a private level, PCR with saliva costs 120 euros and they are trying to get health authorities to take this initiative into account for the public sphere and thus speed up diagnoses.

"The second wave is being noticed.

In August we noticed a brutal peak and this week we are also having a lot of demand."

Its three modalities are having very notable success and since the pandemic began they have carried out 120,000 tests: saliva tests at home, PCR carried out in their associated laboratories and centers and

what they call "Mc auto"

, tests carried out without get out of the car in the parking lot of the Paterna Technology Park.

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