“Support” for the Kan Cabinet increased by 1 point 56% NHK pollster November 9, 19:00

According to an NHK poll, 56% of respondents said they "supported" the Kan Cabinet, up 1 point from last month's survey, and 19% said they did not.

NHK conducted a pollster for three days from the 6th of this month using a method called "RDD" that calls fixed-line and mobile phone numbers randomly generated by computers for people aged 18 and over nationwide.

The number of people surveyed was 2075, and 58%, or 1195, responded.

According to this, 56% of the respondents answered that they "support" the Kan Cabinet, up 1 point from last month.

The percentage of those who answered "I do not support" decreased by 1 point to 19%.

The reasons for supporting the cabinet are: ◇ "Because it looks better than other cabinets" 27%, ◇ "Because you can trust your personality" 25%, ◇ "Because it is the cabinet of the political party you support" 19%, ◇ "For policy "Because I have expectations" was 15%, and "Because I have the ability to execute" was 11%.

On the contrary, the reasons for not supporting it are: ◇ "I can't expect the policy" (36%), ◇ "I can't trust my personality" (26%), ◇ "I'm not the cabinet of the political party I support" (14%), ◇ " "Because I don't have the ability to execute" was 13%, and "Because other cabinets seemed to be better" was 6%.

When asked how much anxiety they and their families would be infected with the new coronavirus, ◇ "I feel a lot" was 28%, ◇ "I feel a certain amount" was 51%, ◇ "I don't feel much" was 13%, ◇ " "I don't feel it at all" was 3%.

When asked about the government's response to the new coronavirus, ◇ "highly evaluated" was 5%, ◇ "somewhat evaluated" was 55% ◇ "not very evaluated" was 29% ◇ "not evaluated at all" Was 5%.

When asked if they would go home or travel during the year-end and New Year holidays, ◇ "Yes" was 8%, ◇ "No" was 67%, and ◇ "Not decided yet" was 20%.

Prime Minister Suga stated in an extraordinary session of the Diet that he would "zero greenhouse gas emissions as a whole by 2050."

When asked how much to evaluate, ◇ "highly evaluate" was 19%, ◇ "somewhat evaluate" was 42%, ◇ "not very evaluated" was 23%, and ◇ "not evaluated at all" was 6%. ..

When asked if Prime Minister Suga's explanation so far was sufficient for not appointing some of the member candidates recommended by the Science Council of Japan, ◇ "sufficient" was 17%, ◇ " "Not enough" was 62%, and "I don't know, no answer" was 21%.

When asked if the government and the Liberal Democratic Party think that it is appropriate to verify the ideal state of the Science Council of Japan, ◇ "appropriate" was 45%, ◇ "not appropriate" was 28%, ◇ " "I don't know, no answer" was 27%.