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08 November 2020 "Unfortunately, it happens that we forget the goal of our life, that is, the definitive appointment with God, thus losing the sense of waiting and making the present absolute".

Pope Francis says this at the Angelus in St. Peter's Square.

"When one looks only at the present, he loses the sense of expectation which is so beautiful and necessary - underlines Bergoglio - This attitude precludes any perspective on the beyond: everything is done as if one never had to leave for the other life. And then we are concerned only with possessing, emerging, settling down, and more and more.If we let ourselves be guided by what appears most attractive to us, by what we like, by the pursuit of our interests, our life becomes sterile. We do not accumulate any reserves of oil for our lamp, and it will go out before the encounter with the Lord ".

# 8novembre #PapaFrancesco to the #angelus: a life of charity, not of selfishness, prepares for the encounter with God. The parable of the ten virgins.

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- Vatican News (@vaticannews_it) November 8, 2020

Pope Francis returns to pray for peace in Libya

Pope Francis returns to pray for peace in Libya.

At the end of the Sunday Angelus he recalled how tomorrow the Forum for political dialogue in Libya, promoted by the UN, will open in Tunis.

"I hope - said the Pope - that in this delicate moment a solution will be found to put an end to the long suffering of the Libyan people and for a permanent ceasefire that is respected".

The Pope at the Angelus also gave voice to the concern for the situation in


"I follow with concern the news coming from Ethiopia; while I urge you to reject the temptation of armed confrontation, I invite everyone to prayer, respect for dialogue and peaceful settlement of discords ".

Pope prays for Latin American populations hit by hurricane Eta

"I see a flag that makes me think of the populations of Central America hit in recent days by a violent hurricane that has caused many victims and enormous damage, even aggravated by the already difficult situation of the pandemic".

The Pontiff - at the end of the Angelus - addressed a thought to those affected by Hurricane Eta which caused more than 200 deaths and missing in Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, El Salvador and Costa Rica. "May the Lord welcome the dead - is the invocation of the Pontiff -, comfort their families and support those who are most tried as well as all those who are doing their utmost to help them ". 

"Water, a common good whose use must respect its universal destination"

The Pope at the Angelus reminds us that water is a "common good" and appeals for the "universal destination" to be respected.

"Today in Italy - remembers Bergoglio - is celebrated the day of thanksgiving on the theme 'water blessing the earth'. Water is vital for agriculture, even for life. I am close with prayer and affection to rural world, especially small farmers. Their work is more important than ever in this time of crisis ".

The Pope joins "the Italian Bishops who exhort to safeguard water as a common good whose use must respect its universal destination".